LGBT Center of Raleigh is Now Our Official Partner

May 2, 2021

LGBT Center of Raleigh is one of the most successful community centers in the country, attracting national attention for its programming and for its leadership. Functioning as Raleigh’s LGBTQ+ community flagship organization, the Center has been successfully headed by Lindsey Loughes, Executive Director, with the board of directors that is composed of highly experienced and committed leaders and other community professionals. Although the Center has had to reduce some of its in-person service offerings due to COVID-19, it has still found creative ways to provide program services to an incredibly diverse community, that include youth programs, SAGE Central NC, HIV testing and counseling, Transgender Initiative, and now, Triangle LGBTQ Group, which provides friendly, safe, and inclusive services, activities, and events that focus on building community and healthy relationships and on cultivating new and lasting friendships.

If there has ever been a time that we’ve needed an affirming community, it is now!

Our organizing team has heard some incredible stories from our members over the past year. Some in our communities have experienced great losses, including the loss of loved ones, the loss of wages and homes, and the loss of an overall sense of well-being. Many have talked about experiencing severe loneliness.

These have been some truly difficult times for many. People have driven from as far as Charlotte, NC, just to attend one of our events, to be in community. What we do, the community we are building with Triangle LGBTQ Group, is now vital for many. 

We received permission to share the following message from one of the group members, D. B. 

“I wanted to say that even though I check the meetup page at least once every day, it seems that I can’t get signed up for anything on time, always having to be on the waitlist and not knowing if I will be able to attend many events, with the available space severely limited by COVID 19 and everyone else as eager to get out and do something as me. I’m just not quick enough. It’s an unfortunate situation of there being far more demand for socialization opportunities than currently exist. It’s much like a shortage of hospital beds that impacts mental health instead. It was disappointing to find the upcoming pride BBQ already full less than 20 hours after it was posted. I have been watching for the next hike, and hope to at least get signed up for that in time. I don’t care if it kicks my butt, I would pay any price to have some company. I have to believe it will get better, though.

I had just begun to work on making new friends and new connections. I joined the group and started coming to events, but just as I had begun that process, the pandemic hit. It probably couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I am still at a point where meetup groups are the only connection I have.” 

- D. B.

If you find yourself struggling, please do reach out. We are here for you via email, or connect with us on Facebook in the Triangle LGBTQ group.

We Need Your Support!

Will you partner with us in building a connected community, because people like D. B. need your support? 

As our fiscal sponsor, LGBT Center of Raleigh will process all donated funds on behalf of Triangle LGBTQ Group. Thank you for your unwavering support!

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