Triangle LGBTQ Group: What We’re About

Jun 7, 2021

We started primarily as groups on Meetup for social events and group activities, for building friendships, and being in community. Meetup is still a huge part of what we are doing and who we are. We soon discovered, however, that there are many other needs in our community and that many of our members wanted to contribute in other significant ways. So Triangle LGBTQ Group was formed. We are currently developing new services and forging new relationships with community partners whose organizations share our values. 

Recently, we've announced that we are now an official partner of LGBT Center or Raleigh, but what does it mean?

It means that Triangle LGBTQ Group can now provide more services and events to a larger LGBTQ+ community. As the Group’s fiscal sponsor, LGBT Center of Raleigh can receive donated funds on our behalf. These funds are tax-deductible as the Center is a 501(3)(c) recognized charity. 

Those of you familiar with LGBT Center of Raleigh know that they have strong youth and senior programing. Triangle LGBTQ Group serves individuals, couples, families with minor children, non-coupled relationships, working and active adults, and retired seniors. With our social and outdoors active events, community outreach, and workshops and support groups for singles, couples, and families, Triangle LGBTQ Group and LGBT Center of Raleigh will have a greater reach and impact on our communities.

Your Gifts and Talents are Appreciated and Needed

We are quickly approaching the big Give-OUT Day on June 30th to close out Pride Month. And after last year’s highly muted observances and decreased giving, we are hopeful that donations to local charities will begin to return to the pre-COVID contribution levels, because people in our communities still face enormous challenges daily. 

LGBTQ+ organizations and centers have been safe gathering places for those in our communities who are vulnerable, at-risk, and lonely. As you may imagine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of the in-person connections has been extremely difficult on the emotional health of many marginalized LGBTQ+ individuals. We know that there are many in our community who are keenly aware of what we face and would like nothing more than to support us financially. 

We also realize that not everyone can give financially at this time. But perhaps, you could make a phone call and check in with someone who hasn’t attended an event lately or whom you haven’t seen active on social media in a while. Perhaps, you know someone who needs just to get out of the house, and maybe you could meet them at a park or for coffee.

Serving others is what makes a great, vibrant, supportive, and nurturing community. Maybe you have a talent for writing, event planning, or organizing and can offer your gift to one of our soon-to-be-formed committees – like the Marketing, Welcoming, or Events committees – then please consider supporting the community in this way. Also please see our Give-OUT Day campaign.

As we continue our battle with the pandemic and the upheaval of many of our lives, we must be reminded of our resilience. It is crucial to keep our communities healthy, engaged, and connected. Certainly, we have all heard the phrase, “it takes a village.” True, it takes all of us. Each of us is and plays an important part of the success, health, and strength of the community. 

Let’s continue to support LGBTQ+ groups, organizations, and causes.

As we continue our battle with the pandemic and the upheaval of many of our lives, we must be reminded of our resilience. 


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